Updated: June 10, 2019



In Fiori for iOS, we are using consistent animations. There are four types of animation we usually use in Fiori for iOS apps.

  • Push
  • Modal
  • Zoom In / Out
  • Dissolve


The ‘push’ transition eases a new screen element onto the display from the side while sliding out the prior screen to the opposite side. Push transition is typically used for a drill down navigation.


‘Modal’ transitions are used to present users with a task (or tasks) to be completed. In this transition, a new window slides up from the bottom of the screen, covering the content below. Modal windows typically ask users to complete (or cancel) a specific task before the user can resume taking other actions.

Zoom In / Out

The ‘Zoom In / Out’ transition is mainly used to make images or documents larger in order to allow users to see them in more detail.


The ‘Dissolve’ transition involves gently fading between two screens. It is recommended when enabling an edit mode.