Updated: June 13, 2021

AR Markers


AR Markers represent an object in the world view. The AR Card at the bottom also displays relevant information about that marker. 


AR Markers appear in the world view and consist of 3 elements. The marker will display an icon depending on the type of content.

A. Outer Circle

B. Inner Circle

C. Icon

Behavior & Interaction

AR Markers have a focused (selected) and unselected state. The connector line appears when the user interacts with the marker or AR cards in the screen view.

A. Default State

After a facility or an object is scanned all relevant AR Markers will appear in default state on the screen in the world view.

B. Selected State

When the marker is selected, it will appear bigger and change its color.

C. Pulse State

The pulse animation appears when the user interacts with the AR cards or the markers in the screen view.

The onscreen AR Marker interaction displays pulse animation, line connecter, and change in marker state.

Tap on Marker

When the user taps on a marker, the pulse will animate and the connector line will appear as soon as the user interacts with the marker and the default marker will change to the selected state.


Depending on the object in the world view, the marker will display an icon relevant to the object. The user can input various kinds of content such as an image, video, document, link to an application/page, webpage, barcode, etc. The AR Marker uses SF Symbols.

Future Updates

  • Offscreen Markers
  • Area Markers