Updated: November 30, 2020



The hierarchy pattern is a combination of the hierarchy view and a list report. 

A combination of these views allows for a wider range of functionality in different kinds of workflows. For example, the hierarchy pattern can be utilized in a create use case.


List Report

A list report within the hierarchy pattern has an added hierarchy accessory. The list report allows for standard functionalities such as search, filter, and create.

Hierarchy View

The hierarchy view is the second screen in the hierarchy pattern. It places the selected object into view with its parent and/or child objects expanded. For related guidance, see Hierarchy View.

Behavior & Interaction

Single Select

A list picker with single select can be used in the hierarchy pattern. It is useful for the create use case where you need to identify where an object lives within a specific group or location.


When using the hierarchy pattern in a modal, use the hierarchy view with a breadcrumb.