Updated: September 28, 2017

Label/Value Cell


The Label/Value Cell is a Table View Cell which fits inside the Table View container, but also likely to be used in the Multi-column variation of the Collection View. It is ideal for displaying sets of data that also need to display their labels. Label/Value cells are typically found in the Object and Object Details floorplans.



  • Use a Label/Value Cell when you want to display the label for a piece of information.


  • Do not use the Label/Value Cell if you want to display an image.

Compact and Regular

The Label/Value Cell is supported in both regular and compact width. If used in a Table View, there is no difference between compact and regular width. If it used in the Multi-column variation of a Collection View, then it will be displayed in multiple columns in regular width, but only one column in compact width.


A. Label

This is the label to describe the content.

B. Value

The data for a particular label. If there is a specific action associated with it (e.g. phone number or email address) then the value should be tint color.

C. Delete

When in edit mode, and a value has been entered, a delete icon appears so that the entry can be cleared.