Updated: May 29, 2018



Scan view allows users to look up products by scanning barcodes via the device’s built-in camera. This allows users to filter down a large list of tools or products and to quickly navigate to the object’s detail screen.


Scan view is also used when users need to efficiently manage business objects in a lengthy list report. Users can quickly locate objects, update quantities, and keep an accurate record of stock. It is fast, accurate, and simplifies the task of managing multiple objects via scanning.


Content Hierarchy

Scan view is a full-screen modal that includes a standard navigation bar, scan window, and optional object cell.

A. Navigation Bar

The scan view navigation is composed of a “Cancel” button, title, and the flash icon.

B. Scan View

Scan view consists of guides that offer the affordance to use the scanner.

C. Object Cell

The object cell is an element found in the footer area of the confirm scanner and multi-search scan that displays feedback of the scanned object.


Compact & Regular

Scan view supports both regular and compact width. In regular view the object cell in the footer are is able to expand horizontally and you may be able to provide a description.



Search Scan

Search scan is a secondary option in the search bar for users to quickly discover a tool or product from a large list report. Search scan allows users to quickly navigate from a list report floorplan to an object detail page. Search scan is a search related workflow that is accessed through the search bar in the list report floorplan via the barcode icon.

Search Scan
Search Scan



Tapping on the barcode icon brings up the full-screen modal of the multi-search scan view.

Scan Search

Search scan consists of a navigation bar and a scan view that scans barcodes automatically.

Scan Results

Once a barcode is scanned, the full-screen modal slides down displaying a filtered-down list report floorplan.

Search Scan Workflow
Search Scan Workflow


Multi-Search Scan (Currently not available in SDK)

Multi-search scan streamlines the inventory management process by allowing users to scan multiple items and providing them with a visual reference in order to access key information about each product.

Use multi-search scan when users need to reference multiple products during the same work stream and when it would be beneficial to have access to information such as product quantity, status, or other attributes. Like search scan, the multi-search scan is a search related workflow that is accessed through the search bar in the list report floor plan via the “barcode” icon.

Multi-Search Scan (Currently Unavailable)
Multi-Search Scan (Currently Unavailable)



Tapping on the barcode icon brings up the full-screen modal of the multi-search scan view.

Multi-Search Scan View

In default mode, the footer area of the multi-scan view displays a preview tableview section header with “0” scanned items.


Once a barcode is scanned, the footer area slides up with as a form of feedback of the scanned product.

Multi-Search Scan Workflow
Multi-Search Scan Workflow


Confirm Scan (Currently not available in SDK)

Confirm scan streamlines workflows that require users to keep accurate numbers of a user’s inventory. Users can scan multiple objects in an aggregated list report floorplan and update quantities to match their physical inventory.

Use confirm scan to inform users on the necessary assets they need to complete a task or set of tasks and to create accurate counts of their inventory. Confirm scan is a sequential workflow that is accessed through the “Confirm Parts” button via the toolbar.

Confirm Scan
Confirm Scan



Tapping the “Confirm Parts” Button brings up the full-screen modal of the multi-search scan view.

Confirm Scan View

In default mode, the footer area in the confirm scan displays the particular objects belonging to the list report that needs to be scanned.


Scanning the barcode will result in a confirmation screen with the “Edit’ and “Confirm” actions. Tapping the “Edit” button will lead to the object detail while tapping the “Confirm” button will check-off the object in the list report floorplan.

Confirm Scan Workflow (Currently Unavailable)
Confirm Scan Workflow (Currently Unavailable)


Behavior & Interaction

Navigation Bar

Actions may be placed on the navigation bar. Common actions may include but are not limited to: cancel and flash.


Scan View

Scanning a barcode in scan view is automatic. After the barcode is scanned, the user notices a change in screen whether it’s a results page or feedback on the object that was just scanned.