Updated: February 15, 2023

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General Concepts

Design Principles

The design principles are the heart of SAP Fiori. Find out how these design principles can help you create impactful enterprise apps.

Adaptive Design

SAP Fiori for iOS apps work on any iOS device. Learn more about our approach to adaptive design.


Navigation in SAP Fiori for iOS follows iOS navigation paradigms which are already familiar to users.

UI Components


Controls are for initiating actions and conveying information.

Floorplans & Patterns


Floorplan is an umbrella term that covers the different layout types, the structure of the controls used, and how to handle different use cases.

Patterns & Frameworks

Keep up with the latest design patterns and frameworks provided by SAP Fiori for iOS.



Download the Figma UI Kit and start designing your own SAP Fiori for iOS app.

Design Led Development

Learn about the process for having your app reviewed and approved by Global Design.